Malia Rae Photography


the following testimonials are excerpts from actual letters and emails I have recieved from clients, their friends and their families... 


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the outcome of the photos/dvd. I just love your unique perspective and your photography is just beautiful! In addition to your mad skills, you were personally great to work with as well - you were unobtrusive and sweet and funny and just so perfect for the day that Tim and I envisioned. Oh and one more thanks for the quick turnaround. I wasn't expecting to see them before we left for the honeymoon, so what a special treat! 



We are literally giving you a standing ovation in our living room right now! That was so amazing! we loved it. great song choice too. Thank you so much! 

Angela and Jason 

ps we loooovvvveeeeeddd it 


YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I cannot tell you how much your pictures moved (to tears) us. I'm in my pj's and I jumped in my car to show my parents just minutes ago. They were just as touched. Thank you a million times over ! 



Dearest Malia, 

This is just amazing. Wow.Wow.Wow!!!! ALL i do is eat, sleep and watch the two slideshows over and over and over again. omg, they are just soooooo fantastic and make me soooooo happy. did i mention you're the greatest? 

Love, Stephanie 


Oh my gosh Malia!  

I love it and I couldnt be happier! It was such a fun time working with you and I really appreciate everything you did! Making Mitch as comfortable as he was that day was truly an accomplishment. Thanks so much again! And Im very excited to work with you more! 

Thanks again! Lisa 

Wow, Malia.  

These wedding photos are amazing. You did such a great job! I want to thank you for spending the whole day with us and even driving off to get Becca another flower for her hair. You have a great personality and are extremely talented. I feel lucky that we found you!  

Best Wishes, Sarah 


WOW! You're a miracle worker. I love them! I can't wait to give these to Erick. He's going to be so surprised!! Thank you SO MUCH for doing these on such short notice and dropping these off at the hotel. I had a great time working with you! 

Soniya Shrivastav 


THESE ARE THE BEST PICTURES I'VE EVER SEEN!!! "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY"!!!! They show the true definition of happiness.