About Malia

The camera has been my creative medium for 20 years. I never set out to photograph weddings... but life had a funny way of calling me to it. In hindsight I can see all of the serendipity and synchronicity of this journey. I had no idea when I photographed my fist wedding, the adventure I was embarking upon. 

​Now, years later, I can see clearly that I have been studying Love up close and personal. Everyone sees, feels, allows, and communicates Loves in their own unique way. The caress of a hand, the wink of an eye, the side smile, and the laughter all tell a story. I've been lucky enough to witness, and document, the countless intimate ways in which Love shows up in this world. 

I am a better person for all the times my clients invite me into their lives to capture the ways in which they Love.